Friday, July 30, 2010

Religious Persecution is Only the Beginning

Augusta State University graduate student Jen Keeton has been told that she must change her beliefs about Christianity or be subject to expulsion before completing her education and receiving her degree. School administrators demanded she go through a remediation program after she asserted her belief that homosexuality is a behavioral choice and not a state of being. The remediation program was to include “sensitivity training” on homosexual issues, literature promoting homosexuality and the plan that she attend a gay pride parade and report on it.

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While the root cause of homosexuality can be argued, for any American living under the rules of law handed down in the Constitution and deemed inherited as natural rights from God, to be demanded to think a certain way or be otherwise persecuted in some manner, especially as it relates to strongly held religious beliefs, is as intolerant, prejudice and Un-American as it gets. This is not about whether or not homosexuality is right or wrong. This is about the freedom to hold a belief, any belief, about anything without fear of persecution, especially religious persecution. Our founding fathers left Europe to free themselves from religious persecution, and gave us the first amendment so that we could hold these beliefs without persecution.

The action of the school administrators reveals the true nature of the liberal pathology and their agenda. How is this any less oppressive than Mao or Stalin? They haven’t begun murdering people yet, but give them absolute power as they are seeking and watch what happens. They have demonstrated repeatedly over the last year and a half that they do not value or respect the will of the people. They have an agenda and it does not include much thought about your success, happiness or well being. They will execute their strategy for a socialist controlled state with or without your cooperation whenever they have enough power to do so. If they are allowed to succeed there is ample history, and recent examples right here in America of the end result. You will be told what to say, what to think, what to BELIEVE, what to drive, how much you are worth, how you will feel about it, EVERYTHING and I mean absolutely EVERYTHING will be under their control and they will force you along or you will suffer severe consequences.

It is up to each of us to study history, true history, of the oppression, suffering, murder and genocidal ways of totalitarian governments. And it is without any doubt that a totalitarian state is where we are headed if the radicals now in power, the liberal maniacs that have taken over the Democratic Party, are allowed to rule without fear of losing their power. If they establish their permanent voting majority as they are attempting to do, they will have that permanent power and we will then see the full extent of their tyrannical ways. We will see rioting in the streets of our inner cities, murder of our uniformed police officers, pillaging of businesses, violent and murderous attacks on the wealthy, persecution of dissenters who are brave enough to challenge their power and authority, and more. People like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and millions of other like-minded American citizens will be targets of elimination. DO NOT scoff at what sounds like extreme paranoia! History has proven this fact over and over again, absolute power is murderous! Our founding fathers knew this and laid down their lives and their fortunes to provide an escape from the brutality of history.

We are witnessing the attempted murder of our long established culture and its connection to biblical principles. This is but one important step in the radicals march toward world communism. As Muslims demand adherence to Islam, so too will these radical communist progressive liberals demand adherence to and tolerance of their sacred principles, or face forced re-education, persecution or worse. They are no better than the religious fanatics that demand adherence to their religious beliefs, requiring submission or punishment, even death. This is oppression and tyranny, thought control and terror. This maniacal demand is as inhumane as all other forms of oppression that we as humans have been forced to witness throughout history. Only now it is appearing in the last bastion of freedom and democracy – America.

The tyrants of hell are among us. But because they look like us, act like us and dress like us we have been disarmed. Maybe we expect a tyrant to look mean and ugly, horns and all. Maybe we expect them to yell and scream and scare is into running and hiding. Maybe because they are not this way at all we have allowed them into our schools, into our lives and have even elected them to public office to represent our views and opinions.

They have dropped the radical, tyrannical exterior because they know it is the only way they could sneak past you and gain power and control over our culture and society as they have. We have allowed the Trojan horse into our kingdom and it has unleashed the full arsenal of what hides within its belly. They have dispersed and now occupy and control every level and sphere of public, cultural and political influence. They have spread like a disease through our culture and our institutions of influence and are on the verge of delivering the final death nail.

America, you fell asleep at the wheel. You sat back and allowed these maniacs to march through every institution of influence under the threat of violation of their precious civil rights. You did not fight back when they screamed to be treated fairly or you would be labeled a racist, bigot, homophobe or worse. You sat back and let them influence your children and their children. You turned your children over to tyrants that wanted only to indoctrinate them into the religion of liberalism. It is you America that have allowed this to happen. It is now up to you to stand up and take action to begin the long and difficult process of ridding our country and culture of this vile destructive force called liberalism. Jen Keeton is not just fighting for her degree; she is fighting for every principle of traditional conservative America for all of us. If she is under attack for her simple disagreement with the nature of homosexuality, to what end will the tyrants go to force their radical and destructive beliefs on all of America when they have absolute power?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Tyranny, Like Hell, is Not Easily Conquered" - Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine understood what the founding fathers were up against as they considered their battle for independence. What we are witnessing these days is nothing short of hell on earth, of tyranny of the majority, and our battle to conquer this tyranny is only beginning.

With her ruling today, Judge Susan Bolton has ruled that it is illegal to attempt to enforce current immigration law, and thereby protect American citizens from the multitude of risks and costs associated with the illegal immigration epidemic that this country is facing. With her ruling she has ignored the will of the American people and revealed her activist agenda by referring and responding to much of the hype and propaganda about the bill, not the true substance of the bill. This yet another in a long line of activist decisions handed down by the liberal judicial system, in an effort to create public policy by force, not by the people’s choice or will.

The liberal establishment learned long ago that it could circumvent the will of the people by going through the courts to impose public policy that conformed to its agenda. In this case, the agenda is to weaken border enforcement to allow for the mass immigration from the south to secure a permanent majority of voters so that they can implement their radical agenda over the will of the people. To date, the opposition has been slandered and marginalized, and if the radicals in power achieve their permanent voting majority you can rest assured that the Tea Party and all who are connected to it will be demonized, ignored and even persecuted into submission so that they can accomplish their 100 year march toward socialism. Their tyranny is upon us.

This is but the opening salvo in what will prove to be a long and difficult battle to restore this country to constitutional principles and respect for the rule of law. This opening battle appears for the moment to have been lost. This defeat should not be surprising given the breadth and scope of influence the liberal establishment has achieved. Let this be yet another in the long line of actions taken by the left that provides fuel to the fire of opposition. Let this also be further evidence of the magnitude of the problem this country faces. They have destroyed our borders, polluted the minds of our children, pit class against class and race against race. They work tirelessly to destroy our history, our culture, our families and values. They spread lies as truths and have made what was once bad good. They can only be described as evil, having no social or moral compass, pursuing their agenda at any and all cost.

Has there ever been a country that has been so purposefully negligent in its enforcement of established borders? How is it possible that America has become the place that ANYONE, from ANYWHERE can walk across our borders and start a life without any repercussion? This is national suicide. This is the purposeful destruction of our national sovereignty. The ruling class wants America as it has existed for over 200 years to be destroyed in order to impose a new world order. This is not negligence, this is an absolute and coordinated assault on a sovereign nation by its own political rulers.

This is now a war between the ruling elite and the American citizens that want this country preserved. We are not a people accustomed to warfare of any kind. We have mostly been working hard in our own lives and communities trying to live out our version of the American dream. We have not asked to be thrust into this battle, but circumstances no longer allow us the comfort of ignorance. If we do not act now and for as long as it takes to rid our government, our courts, our media, our educational system and any place else where this vile liberal disease exists, this once great nation will be destroyed.

It is with great hope that I dare say that we are witnessing the end of their hundred year march through this country and culture and the beginning of a new march. Let it be a march toward freedom and the restoration of the American way where classes and races are not divided against each other, where you are judged by the content of your character – not the color of your skin or your political affiliation, where our children learn the true history of this once great country – a history full of promise and hope, of the American Dream, where order is restored and the will of the people is respected, where our elected representatives understand their place in society and don’t abuse their power to their gain and our loss.

Let us begin this march today, using this temporary setback as a benchmark to measure where we are, and more importantly – where the opposition is. They have fully revealed themselves to us. They are socialists, communist, revolutionaries, racists and tyrants. They have fed at the trough of freedom at our expense and now want us to remain silent while they implement the final stage of their grand strategy. But our march should serve as notice to them, we are not hiding and we are coming for them. Not by force, not through military or violent means. No, that is not who we are. We are coming for them in plain sight in the light of day.

We will not back down, no matter how loud, angry, ugly, rude, insulting, violent or radical they act to intimidate or scare us into silence. No, we are here to stay, we are awake and we will no longer stand by idly, entrusting those we thought were looking out for us to do the right thing, to represent our opinions, our views, our hopes and dreams. They have failed us and must now be held accountable for their actions. The ruling class that no longer represents us will be voted out of office, one by one, for as long as it takes to get it right. In their place will be patriots of freedom and the American way. Citizens of this Republic that still respect the oath of office and the rule of law. They will be given one chance to support the American people and American history and culture and any deviation from that will cost them their political career. We must show no mercy or compromise on this point.

This is going to require diligence and active participation. We can no longer turn away once our vote has been cast. We must engage regularly to be sure our values and ideals are being upheld. We can no longer tolerate the politics of the past where things are said to get elected, or politicians say one thing then do another. We must demand integrity and honesty, no exceptions. We must ignore the screaming from the radicals and press forward, the louder they scream the more evidence that should serve that we are moving in the right direction. Any compromise with this radical and destructive element must be denounced. They are not our friends and they have proven over and over that they do not have our best interests at heart. They are the enemy and need to be marginalized and driven out of the arenas of power and influence.

No society in world history ever survived by giving their enemy a seat at the table to negotiate the future of the country. There can be no exception here, these radical elements are the enemy and now that they have come out of hiding and shown us who they really are, what they really stand for and are trying to do to this country, we must look at them for who they are – the enemy, and treat them accordingly. We can no longer afford the luxury of civility, this is political, social, cultural and economic warfare and we need to have that at the forefront of our mind each and every day.

Do not relent, do not retreat and do not fall for their tricks. There is nothing left to discuss, we know what they want and we disagree, end of conversation. We will now go about our business to achieve our goals and objectives, regardless of their opinions, their attacks, their intimidation, their lies, their protests or their objections. We will press forward without them and go about the business of restoring this country and culture to be what it was intended to be, created by our forefathers and handed down to them by God, with his mercy and guidance. We will restore America as the Shining City on the Hill for the world to look to for inspiration in their pursuit of freedom and democracy.

This is the task to which we have been called, let us begin the long march towards our future and towards the restoration of this once great country to its rightful place as the beacon of freedom, hope and prosperity.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Charles Sherrod, Racism And The New Revolution

It looks as though Shirley Sherrod's husband, Charles is every bit the racist as she pretends not to be. Here, in his own words spoken earlier this year, Charles Sherrod discusses how important it is for "our people" to have a voice to balance what he considers to be racist white people trying to prevent blacks from gaining power.

When every day Americans used a similar phraseology when expressing the importance of taking back "our country", the left automatically went to the race card and accused the Tea Party of meaning that they intended to take back "white America." Now we can clearly see where this type of thinking comes from. When the left use terms like that, it is exactly what they mean, it is white versus black. For them it is all about race, they see conservative America as white racists, with a few traitors they refer to as "uncle Toms."

They are the racists, the bigots, the prejudiced and intolerant, seeking every opportunity to silence all dissent or meaningful debate. For example the entire national debate for most of the last 2 weeks has been centered around who is or isn't a racist. All despicable attacks aimed at conservative America in an effort to discredit and marginalize that entire segment of American population. Here we are, with a black President in 2010 and the left is acting like little brats calling the conservatives names, and it seems the only name they have left in their bag that they think might still have power, is the race card.

How on earth is it possible that millions and millions of conservative Americans can all be just a bunch of ignorant racists? But that is how our President and his disciples are treating conservative America. What kind of sick and twisted politician - one that has risen to the highest level of public office in what is supposed to be the greatest country in history, the most tolerant, the most free - goes on the attack against a substantial portion of the American citizenry? This is beyond sinister, beyond Alinsky, this is political warfare aimed at marginalizing what is left of traditional, faith-based, conservative America.

If they succeed, they see a straight line to their promised land of Communism. They see the end of their 100 year march and the beginning of social justice and equal outcomes for all. Except of course if you are a capitalist white conservative - then you better go into deep hiding because there may very well be a bounty on your head. In his own words, Bill Ayers and his associates openly discussed the extermination of 25 million Americans (see article below). The video, which I have seen in its entirety and heard word for word described by an undercover agent that penetrated Ayer’s group, has been removed from Youtube. Brave New World is upon us, this is not the first controversial footage to disappear off of Youtube.

Click here for article - Bill Ayers calls for genocide of capitalists
Should we discount these words since they were spoken decades ago? At your own peril my friends. These are serious individuals that have amassed incredible power right under our noses. We are only beginning to see them for who they are and must be relentless in our assault on their power. They cannot be allowed to further promote their radical agenda. Everything they do is aimed at this radical end; every piece of legislation is just another brick in their wall of communism. They are masters at disarming terminology, knowing they cannot speak openly and honestly about their true agenda. But they have been executing that agenda for decades and are looking to put the final touches on their master plan in the coming years.

America will have an opportunity to stop these radicals come November, but do they have the strength and determination to fight them, toe to toe, on each and every issue to reverse this country’s slide to radical socialism? Does conservative America have what it takes to get the right people elected and then force the repeal of all of the radical bills that have been flying through Congress the last 2 years? It will take an equally radical conservative revolution to stop this slide and return this country to its roots.

We are witnesses to the birth of the second revolution, are you awake for it? Each of us needs to answer a very simple question. Which camp are you in? During the first revolution the country was not necessarily unified in its pursuit of a new Republic, independent from the British. There were basically 3 camps, one third of the population wanted things to remain as they were, for America to remain a colony of the British. One third of the population wanted to form a new Republic, they were the revolutionaries. And lastly, roughly one third of the population really didn’t care, they were not involved enough to know one way or the other. Here we are 200+ years later and our country has been taken over by radical progressive, socialist, communist thugs. Which camp are you in? It’s time to put your boots on and start marching soldiers!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Bill Ayers, The Weather Underground and The Achievement of World Communism

Below are excerpts from a document that was created in 1969 titled - "You Don't Need A Weatherman To Know Which Way The Wind Blows." Among its authors are the infamous Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. It is essentially a socialist/communist manifesto laying out a revolutionary strategy for the overthrow of America.

The goal, as you will read below, on page 2 of the document is "the destruction of US imperialism and the achievement of a classless world: world communism."

Documents such as this, the extreme rhetoric we hear from organizations like the NAACP, The New Black Panther Party, the influence of ACORN on policy decisions, the increasing influence of unions like SEIU, the deliberate negligence along our southern border, runaway spending, the healthcare bill, massive stimulus, the destruction of General Motors, and so many other actions taken by the radical left and the Obama administration should serve as a very real warning that we are not talking about minor differences in policy while working within the established framework of our free-market capitalist system. No, we are waging a battle with radical communist revolutionaries intent on destroying American exceptionalism, capitalism and our country as we know it.

They fundamentally disagree with what America is, what it stands for and what it should be in the future. They have made significant gains over the last 40 years in executing their revolutionary strategy and we are quite possibly near the final stages of their plan.

Click here for link to full PDF document

Pg 1:…”So the very first question people in this country must ask in considering the question of revolution is where they stand in relation to the United States as an oppressor nation, and where they stand in relation to the masses of people throughout the world whom US imperialism is oppressing

…The primary task of revolutionary struggle is to solve this principal contradiction on the side of the people of the world. It is the oppressed peoples of the world who have created the wealth of this empire and it is to them that it belongs; the goal of the revolutionary struggle must be the control and use of this wealth in the interests of the oppressed peoples of the world.”

Pg 2:…”Therefore, any conception of "socialist revolution" simply in terms of the working people of the United States, failing to recognize the full scope of interests of the most oppressed peoples of the world, is a conception of a fight for a particular privileged interest, and is a very dangerous ideology. While the control and use of the wealth of the Empire for the people of the whole world is also in the interests of the vast majority of the people in this country, if the goal is not clear from the start we will further the preservation of class society, oppression, war, genocide, and the complete evisceration[sic] of everyone, including the people of the US…

The goal is the destruction of US imperialism and the achievement of a classless world: world communism. Winning state power in the US will occur as a result of the military forces of the US overextending themselves around the world and being defeated piecemeal; struggle within the US will be a vital part of this process, but when the revolution triumphs in the US it will have been made by the people of the whole world. For socialism to be defined in national terms within extreme and historical an oppressor nation as this is only imperialist national chauvinism on the part of the ‘movement.’...

…II. What Is The Black Colony-Not every colony of people oppressed by imperialism lies outside the boundaries of the US. Black people within North America, brought here 400 years ago as slaves and whose labor, as slaves, built this country, are an internal colony within the confines of the oppressor nation. What this means is that black people are oppressed as a whole people, in the institutions and social relations of the country, apart from simply the consideration of their class position, income, skill, etc., as individuals…”

Pg 5:…”However, the fact that black liberation depends on winning the whole revolution does not mean that it depends on waiting for and joining with a mass white movement to do it . The genocidal oppression of black people must be ended, and does not allow any leisure time to wait; if necessary, black people could win self-determination, abolishing the whole imperialist system and seizing state power to do it, without this white movement, although the cost among whites and blacks both would be high…

…Blacks could do it alone if necessary because of their centralness to the system, economically and geo-militarily, and because of the level of unity, commitment, and initiative which will be developed in waging a people's war for survival and national liberation. However, we do not expect that they will have to do it alone, not only because of the international situation, but also because the real interests of masses of oppressed whites in this country lie with the Black Liberation struggle, and the conditions for understanding and fighting for these interests grow with the deepening of the crises. Already, the black liberation movement has carried with it an upsurge of revolutionary consciousness among white youth; and while there are no guarantees, we can expect that this will extend and deepen among all oppressed whites.”

Pg 6:…”In reality, imperialism is a predatory international stage of capitalism. Defeating imperialism within the US couldn't possibly have the content, which it could in a semi-feudal country, of replacing imperialism with capitalism or new democracy; when imperialism is defeated in the US, it will be replaced by

Pg 7:… socialism—nothing else. One revolution, one replacement process, one seizure of state power—the anti imperialist revolution and the socialist revolution, one and the same stage. To talk of this as two separate stages, the struggle to overthrow imperialism and the struggle for socialist revolution, is as crazy as if Marx had talked about the proletarian socialist revolution as a revolution of two stages, one the overthrow of capitalist state power, and second the establishment of socialist state power.”

Pg 8:… “The strategy which flows from this is what Che’ called "creating two, three, many Vietnams" —to mobilize the struggle so sharply in so many places that the imperialists cannot possibly deal with it all. Since it is essential to their interests, they will try to deal with it all, and will be defeated and destroyed in the process

…In defining and implementing this strategy, it is clear that the vanguard (that is, the section of the people who are in the forefront of the struggle and whose class interests and needs define the terms and tasks of the revolution) of the ‘American Revolution' is the workers and oppressed peoples of the colonies of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Because of the level of special oppression of black people as a colony, they reflect the interests of the oppressed people of the world from within the borders of the United States; they are part of the Third World and part of the international revolutionary vanguard.”

Pg 10:…”Given that black self-determination would mean fully crushing the power of the imperialists, this “Vietnam” has certain different characteristics than the external colonial wars. The imperialists will never "get out of the US" until their total strength and every resource they can bring to bear has been smashed; so the Black Vietnam cannot win without bringing the whole thing down and winning for everyone. This means that this war of liberation will be the most protracted and hardest fought of all…

…We have pointed to the vanguard nature of the black struggle in this country as part of the international struggle against American imperialism, and the impossibility of anything but an international strategy for winning. Any attempt to put forth a strategy which, despite internationalist rhetoric, assumes a purely internal development to the class struggle in this country, is incorrect.”

Pg 18:…”The masses will fight for socialism when they understand that reform fights, fights for improvement of material conditions, cannot be won under imperialism. With this understanding, revolutionaries should never put forth a line which fosters the illusion that imperialism will grant significant reforms. We must engage in struggles forthrightly as revolutionaries, so that it will be clear to anyone we help to win gains that the revolution rather than imperialism is responsible for them...

...This is one of the strengths of the Black Panther Party Breakfast for Children Program. It is "socialism in practice" by revolutionaries with the "practice" of armed self-defense and a "line" which stresses the necessity of overthrowing imperialism and seizing state power. Probably the American Friends Service Committee serves more children breakfast, but it is the symbolic value of the program in demonstrating what socialism will do for people which makes the Black Panther Program worthwhile.”

Pg 28:…”Rather it is akin to the Red Guard in China, based on the full participation and involvement of masses of people in the practice of making revolution; a movement with a full willingness to participate in the violent and illegal struggle.”

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More Racism From the Left

It seems that we are being reminded daily of the double standard that exists on the subject of racism. Here are 2 recent examples. While they represent two very different issues, the first the blatant racism of the LaRaza crowd that wants to see all anglo's removed from the southwest and their land returned to them, and the second, from an NAACP meeting showing institutional racism at the USDA. Is this what liberals are referring to when they talk about institutional racism in America? Also, I'm still waiting for the video evidence of the supposed rampant racism of the Tea Party, I will be happy to post if any is ever found.

I suspect that in both cases what we are seeing here is just the tip of the iceberg:

07/21/10: UPDATE - The Shirley Sherrod Debacle Continues
According to the media, left and right, Shirley Sherrod was wrongly fired. If you listen to the entire conversation you will see that she is apparently a "reformed" racist who has learned from her past mistakes of judgement. The first video appears to take her words out of context.
I am posting her entire speech, all 43 minutes below the edited version first aired. After listening to it I wouldn't give her a complete pass on the charge of racism. But there is a case to be made that she had learned from her earlier mistakes and is a better person for it.

It would be great if those on the right were afforded the same courtesy. Such is not the case, any mistake in judgment, at any point in time during an entire lifetime of any Republican or conservative is seen as poor judgment and you shouldn't put your trust in someone that has exercised poor judgment in the past, regardless of how long ago it occurred. More hypocrisy.

Original edited video:

Entire speech video:

Friday, July 16, 2010

Barack Obama, Saul Alinsky and the Road to Hell

As I have written about often in my posts, the tactics and rules of Saul Alinsky are well integrated into the methodology of the left in their assault on our culture. These tactics and rules are applied daily in the social and political arena with what I consider devastating consequences.

I recently had something brought to my attention by Glenn Beck on one of his recent programs that was the proverbial icing on the cake for me. What was it? He read the dedication to the book that I so often refer to when discussing radicals and their assault on our country:

Not only has Saul Alinsky’s teachings so completely devastated the morality of entire generations, he has promised the radicals who follow his teachings their own kingdom in return for their efforts. A kingdom they are doing everything in their power to deliver to us all, right here on earth.

Alinsky was on to something here. Consider what happens when you remove God from the conversation, when you remove morality, absolutes about right or wrong, when you remove healthy guilt and shame. Where does this lead? To the lowest form of human behavior warned against since the beginning of time. And that will surely lead to hell right here on earth.

The application of Alinsky’s rules has most certainly led to a staggering breakdown in our politics and culture. When a person can no longer be trusted, when words have no truth or meaning, we are left to tear each other apart in a desperate attempt for control and survival. The Alinsky experiment is not going to end well. Hopefully, at some point in our future, our culture will be reborn from the rubble of the destruction we are witnessing today. May it rediscover God and morality’s rightful place in culture and politics and may we rebuild a nation based on freedoms derived from God and protected through the diligent application of the morality, humility and healthy guilt & shame that keeps humans from doing unspeakable things to one another.

The spoken word has become the most powerful weapon in this battle and ‘the ends justify the means’ is their only commandment. We sit and watch in disgust as our elected representative’s lie repeatedly in order to justify what they would know to be wrong had they not forsaken their morality for the kingdom of hell promised to them. They are so blinded by their radical ideology that they have sacrificed their souls in an effort to obtain what they think is perfect social order, and the rigid belief that a socialist society is the only way to achieve peace and happiness has led them to abandon all principles and morality to accomplish that end.

Just this week it was learned that hundreds of millions of dollars of federal funds are being provided to states to fund abortions on demand. Contrast that action with the repeated lies we were told during the healthcare debate that no federal funds would be used for such practices. Think of the deal Bart Stupak made with the devil, given an Executive Order signed by President Obama himself promising that no federal funds would be used for abortions. This is the game, all for political and tactical expediency. When a person will say and do anything to further their cause, morality is gone, and the devil has taken over. As Alinsky says, it is of ends and means only. That is the radical reality we live in right now.

Watch the interview of Harry Reid as he calmly explains to the reporter that he is wrong about illegal aliens in his state. He tells the reporter that his facts are wrong and there are no illegal aliens in Nevada taking jobs away from construction workers. There is no redress to this sort of denial and deceit. Everyone listening knows he is wrong, knows he is lying, yet all he has to do is repeat the lie and the issue is dropped. There is no accountability.

Our founding fathers knew the foundation of a longstanding civilization required that it be rooted in the word of God. They understood the propensity of human nature towards evil if not grounded in morality and God, and the radicals knew they could get nowhere as long as these things were present. As a result we have witnessed the near complete and systematic destruction of all morality in our culture. This has been no accident; it has been done in the name of power and control to further the end goal of radical destruction of the America that we know and love.

It is hard to say if we are near the end of this horrific stretch of our nation’s history. We do not know how this battle will play out. Will the radicals eventually triumph and deliver us hell on earth as they are attempting? Or will the forces of good and righteousness rise to the occasion, wrestle our country and culture from the grips of this monster we are battling, and set us back on a track of morality? I’m putting my money on God, the radicals can all go to hell where they belong.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The New Black Panther Party

The leader of the New black Panther Party has been making noise recently with his defense of the 2 NBPP representatives accused of voter intimidation while standing in front of a Philadelphia polling station during the 2008 election. As long as we are on the subject, here are a few video clips of past and recent interviews:

Monday, July 12, 2010

Obama Mocks Jesus, the Bible and US Citizens

NBC Trying to Build Sympathy For Illegal Immigrants

Here is yet another shameful display of leftwing media bias intended to appeal to viewer’s sympathy regarding illegal immigrants. We are supposed to feel sorry for them and want to help them in their plight. The media wants us to be angry with those evil conservatives for targeting these poor, harmless folks just trying to contribute to the American dream.

Click here for article

Instead of focusing on one or two illegal aliens that are leaving Arizona, and the problems they face, shouldn't the media report on the costs that have been incurred by the legal citizens and taxpayers. Perhaps the school that is 70% Hispanic would not have needed to be built - using taxpayer dollars - had all those illegal immigrants not broken the United States federal law to come here in the first place.

Instead of talking about the business that has lost so many customers, maybe they should discuss the burden that has been placed on local health, welfare and administrative services by the presence of so many illegal aliens.

I hope everyone reading articles such as this can see through the bias and understand that the mainstream leftwing media’s primary intention is to sway your opinion, not report the facts. The facts in this story are presented in such a way as to create the desired effect of you being more sympathetic to illegal aliens, nothing more. If they wanted to be fair and report the facts, all the facts, this story would look much different.

Remember, the leftwing media does not report news, they report stories to you that are designed to create their desired response from you so that you will support their leftwing agenda. They are not fair and balanced; they are not interested in truth. They are interested in manipulating your opinions to further an agenda. Don't be fooled.