Monday, June 21, 2010

Obama Administration Declares War on Arizona

Last week the Federal Government of the United States of America issued nothing less than what could be considered a proclamation of war against the state of Arizona over its stand against illegal immigration. In what can only be described as the very definition of political madness, the federal government has sided with the Mexican drug cartels, human traffickers and citizens of the nation of Mexico by filing suit against one of its own states over its attempt to address its illegal immigration crisis. This is an unmitigated act of aggression by the federal government against a state and its citizens.

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Is it an act of war when a government endorses a nation’s enemies, as it has done here? Is it an act of war when a nation turns its back on its citizens when they are being slaughtered on their own property and sides with those doing the slaughtering? Is it an act of war when the federal government emboldens the enemies of a nation by assuming policies that are in agreement to and supportive of those same enemies, as the US government has done here?

There is perhaps no historical precedent that supports the United States government’s decision to attempt to punish a sovereign state for protecting its people. The closest example may be what happened in the state of Texas. In 1836 the state had established itself as a sovereign Republic after many bloody battles with the nation of Mexico. It looked to the United States in hopes of striking a deal that would allow it to become a state, knowing that its chance of survival was slim without the help of the US.

The United States, not wanting war with Mexico, refused Texas’ request for annexation, forcing them to stand alone against General Santa Anna and the nation of Mexico. It wasn’t until 1845 that an agreement was reached that would create the conditions for Texas to join the Union. This was a perilous time in this country’s history as what would become one of the greatest additions to the United States was forced to hold its border, on its own, without the help it felt was critical to its survival. Miraculously the Republic of Texas survived.

This piece of American history, as difficult and challenging as it was, only partially reflects what is happening in Arizona today. At that time the US had no legal obligation to the newly formed Republic of Texas or its citizens, as it does today. Many of its residents were from the US, and saw themselves as Americans, but since the territory had not been formally admitted into the Union, the US had no obligation to defend or protect the independent Republic. Even under those circumstances, its silence and indifference to Texas when in dire need of protection, was questionable at best.

Compare that history to what is happening today in Arizona. Not only has the federal government turned its back on the state, it has initiated an open act of aggression and hostility against every resident of that state. By acting on behalf of the Mexican government, the drug cartels and human traffickers, our federal government has sided with our enemy in common cause against a state and its people. How can this be interpreted any other way? The federal government is suing the state of Arizona in an attempt to force it to keep its border open to allow for the continued flow of drugs and violence into its state.

What makes this so outrageous is that the state of Arizona is acting as a direct result of the federal government’s unwillingness to enforce current federal immigration law under the US constitution and protect its people from all enemies, foreign and domestic. The federal government exists to guarantee the basic rights of its citizens of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The United States government has an obligation to defend and protect its borders from illegal intrusion, something it has been grossly negligent of for far too long.

This is an incomprehensible act of hostility that further reflects the radical agenda of this current administration. Barack Obama’s disdain of this country's sovereignty and history is unquestionable. His allegiance to the international community – over and above the United States – reflects his true loyalties. He continues to side with our enemies in ways that continue to stun and frighten Americans. How long can such open acts of hostility towards its own people be tolerated? What remedy do the American people have when a government turns on its citizens as ours has today? These are questions that I could have never imagined that I would be asking.

It is time for Arizona to rely on its own resources to protect its sovereignty from the enemies that are threatening its survival. It is time for Arizona to call on its national guard troops to secure and defend its southern border. There is a reason our constitution allows for state militias, not controlled by the federal government, and there has never been a more appropriate time to rely on those forces. These are forces that president Obama cannot command, as they take their direction from their president – the Governor of the State of Arizona.

Our founding fathers had a thorough understanding of human nature and tyranny. They were brilliant in their attempts to create a nation that balanced power between the states and federal government. This is why. Our government has failed its people, leaving them to defend themselves against an invading enemy that has not and will not respect its laws and people. A military response is the only response that can even begin to bring this outrageous situation under control. Since our federal government has abdicated its responsibilities to fight this fight, the state of Arizona must answer the call to protect its citizens. There is no room for compromise; too many innocent people are dying. A state is being overrun. The time has come for action.

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