Tuesday, June 15, 2010

John Kerry Cap-n-Trade Comments Dissected

Below is a statement released by Senator John Kerry regarding the need to pass their phony Cap-n-tax, job killing, economy destroying, multi-trillion dollar boondoggle of a bill under the guise as a valid and necessary response to the BP oil spill. I have reprinted and added my comments parenthetically in blue. Nearly the entire comment is pure propaganda:

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The tragedy in the Gulf underscores why we need to change America’s energy future – today. (no change needed, continue to take every precaution to protect the environment and learn how to respond better knowing that part of life includes accidents. Knowing this we also know that we cannot prevent them entirely but we can minimize the damage and perfect our response, neither of which have occurred during this spill). We can’t afford to wait. Transitioning to new energy sources will jumpstart our economy (bloviating, how on earth will abandoning current energy technology possibly help improve our economy? It in fact will do the exact opposite!), safeguard our national security (another falsehood, the argument that we send billions to enemies sounds good on the surface but suppose we do not send them another dime, will we notice an increase in security? Will it somehow magically reduce their desire to slaughter us? I don't think so...stop lying Senator Kerry!), and protect our environment. (our track record has gotten better and better, not because we are drilling less or abandoning current energy sources but because we are constantly improving technology and are and have always been committed to protecting the environment. So, more lies). We can reclaim our leadership of the global green economy (reclaim? when did we lose it? Who is the current leader? Is anyone even keeping track of this, is it possible to measure? More propaganda), and stop sending a billion dollars a day overseas for our oil while we’re at it. (okay, an actual valid point. It would be nice to stop sending billions overseas, so what we should be doing is drilling right here at home, right now, everywhere. We could stimulate our economy overnight by investing these billions into current energy sources currently out of reach due to radical environmentalists, their well funded lawyers and sympathetic liberal law makers).

This is a typical liberal comment, full of lies and distortions aimed at manipulating your view of reality so that they can execute their radical agenda with your support. Do not fall for this tactic. Dissect what they say and look for the lies and manipulations, they are ever present.

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