Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rep. Pete Stark of California Mocks His Constituents

Joe Biden Offers Soft Custard Along With a Little Soft Tyranny

While visiting a small custard shop in Wisconsin on Sunday, the owner jokingly asked Biden to lower taxes instead of paying for the custard. Joe’s response? “why don’t you say something nice instead of being a smart-ass all the time?”

Americans in general are skeptical of authority and regard their freedoms and liberties as among the highest principles to be protected. Joe Biden has a responsibility to show a measure of respect when dealing with America’s citizens. When they hear someone entrusted with power speak down to them with an authoritative demeanor, well it is going to invite a negative reaction.

Americans do not take well to being told what to do, what to say or how to act. This country became a dominant world superpower by the sweat and sacrifice of bold thinkers, rebels and risk takers, not by loyal subjects looking to their government for direction and behavioral cues.

This is not the first time a member of the current administration has spoken down to Americans. But it does provide some insight into liberal core principles. They are authoritative and want to tell people what to do, say and think. There is a pathology that lends itself to the liberal mindset. A pathology of domination and control.

For comparison and context, take a look at the Constitution of Communist China:

Article 33 Citizenship, Equality … (3) Every citizen … must perform the duties prescribed by the Constitution and the law.”

Article 42 Work …(1) Citizens of the People's Republic of China have the right as well as the duty to work…. (3) Work is the glorious duty of every able-bodied citizen. All working people in state enterprises and in urban and rural economic collectives should perform their tasks with an attitude consonant with their status as masters of the country....”

Does any of that sound oppressive? The oppressive communist government of China is not only telling its citizens that they have an obligation to work, but that they shall do it with the appropriate attitude.

Back to Biden’s comment – “why don’t you say something nice.” He wants the shop owner to have a different attitude. He wants him to operate his business, pay his taxes - regardless of his beliefs about whether or not they are fair - and do it with a good attitude by saying something nice. Biden obviously felt he deserved more respect as the Vice President and when he didn’t get it, he retaliated with sarcasm and intimidation.

At the heart of every liberal is a repressed communist. It may be subtle language but you don’t need to look too deep to find their inner oppressor. They are polished in their pursuit of their tyrannical ways, so their true intentions rarely show.

They know that America is a sleeping giant of rebels and independent thinkers, and they are trying to slip their radical agenda past everyone without notice. However, this one small seemingly trivial comment made by Biden is but a glimpse of what they would do and say if they had full control of this country. They would not be very tolerant of dissension or criticism. They would prefer to keep their boot on the throat of everyone, and then expect a good attitude about it. This is the face of soft tyranny.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Obama and the Gulf Oil Spill - An Exercise in Wealth Redistribution

In response to the BP oil spill in the Gulf, President Obama has imposed a 6 month drilling ban on all offshore oil drilling. This has supposedly been done in the name of safety and environmental concerns; however let’s look at another possible motive – wealth redistribution.

August 15, 2009 it is reported by Bloomberg that in the second quarter of 2009 George Soros purchased $811 million of stock in Brazilion oil company Petrobras:

George Soros invests $811 million in Brazilion oil company Petrobras

August 18, 2009 it is reported by the Wall Street Journal that the Obama administration has agreed to provide $2 billion in loans to Brazil’s state owned oil company Petrobras for the purpose of offshore oil exploration:

Obama administration commits $2 billion to Brazil for offshore oil exploration

Ignore for the moment the possible illegality of George Soros' timely investment just days before the Obama funding information is released. Let’s focus on the offshore ban and Obama’s commitment to loan Brazil money for offshore oil drilling exploration.

Those who have been studying Obama and his past are by now familiar with his commitment to “redistributive policies”. In short, one of his fundamental driving motivations is to take as much money away from those who have it and redistribute it to those who don’t. This is a well documented fact.

We’re not just talking about wealth redistribution between the rich and poor here in the United States; Obama’s vision goes far beyond the borders of the USA. His vision is to redistribute wealth on a global scale. He believes that America and other “rich” countries are using too many resources and have acquired far too much of the worlds wealth at the direct expense of the poorer countries. He intends to change that.

Further, his redistributive perspective would land a country like Great Britain clearly on the side of the “haves”. Therefore a company like BP represents part of the problem and is a target of his redistributive policies.

How much wealth could potentially be redistributed by shutting down oil exploration off the shores of the US and encouraging those assets to be developed in Brazil? How much does George Soros stand to make off of his investment in Petrobras?

Think of the immediate transfer of wealth that would occur as the labor and jobs associated with all of that oil production evaporate from the US and BP and move to foreign countries, especially Brazil, with the help of your tax dollars. This is redistributive policy in action. Obama is driven by his ideology and is opportunistic in his approach to implementing these policies, and understands that a simple tax and spend approach will only take his agenda so far. He is using this natural disaster as an opportunity to further his radical agenda on several fronts, this redistributive aspect is but one element of his radical response to this tragedy.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Obama Administration Declares War on Arizona

Last week the Federal Government of the United States of America issued nothing less than what could be considered a proclamation of war against the state of Arizona over its stand against illegal immigration. In what can only be described as the very definition of political madness, the federal government has sided with the Mexican drug cartels, human traffickers and citizens of the nation of Mexico by filing suit against one of its own states over its attempt to address its illegal immigration crisis. This is an unmitigated act of aggression by the federal government against a state and its citizens.

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Is it an act of war when a government endorses a nation’s enemies, as it has done here? Is it an act of war when a nation turns its back on its citizens when they are being slaughtered on their own property and sides with those doing the slaughtering? Is it an act of war when the federal government emboldens the enemies of a nation by assuming policies that are in agreement to and supportive of those same enemies, as the US government has done here?

There is perhaps no historical precedent that supports the United States government’s decision to attempt to punish a sovereign state for protecting its people. The closest example may be what happened in the state of Texas. In 1836 the state had established itself as a sovereign Republic after many bloody battles with the nation of Mexico. It looked to the United States in hopes of striking a deal that would allow it to become a state, knowing that its chance of survival was slim without the help of the US.

The United States, not wanting war with Mexico, refused Texas’ request for annexation, forcing them to stand alone against General Santa Anna and the nation of Mexico. It wasn’t until 1845 that an agreement was reached that would create the conditions for Texas to join the Union. This was a perilous time in this country’s history as what would become one of the greatest additions to the United States was forced to hold its border, on its own, without the help it felt was critical to its survival. Miraculously the Republic of Texas survived.

This piece of American history, as difficult and challenging as it was, only partially reflects what is happening in Arizona today. At that time the US had no legal obligation to the newly formed Republic of Texas or its citizens, as it does today. Many of its residents were from the US, and saw themselves as Americans, but since the territory had not been formally admitted into the Union, the US had no obligation to defend or protect the independent Republic. Even under those circumstances, its silence and indifference to Texas when in dire need of protection, was questionable at best.

Compare that history to what is happening today in Arizona. Not only has the federal government turned its back on the state, it has initiated an open act of aggression and hostility against every resident of that state. By acting on behalf of the Mexican government, the drug cartels and human traffickers, our federal government has sided with our enemy in common cause against a state and its people. How can this be interpreted any other way? The federal government is suing the state of Arizona in an attempt to force it to keep its border open to allow for the continued flow of drugs and violence into its state.

What makes this so outrageous is that the state of Arizona is acting as a direct result of the federal government’s unwillingness to enforce current federal immigration law under the US constitution and protect its people from all enemies, foreign and domestic. The federal government exists to guarantee the basic rights of its citizens of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The United States government has an obligation to defend and protect its borders from illegal intrusion, something it has been grossly negligent of for far too long.

This is an incomprehensible act of hostility that further reflects the radical agenda of this current administration. Barack Obama’s disdain of this country's sovereignty and history is unquestionable. His allegiance to the international community – over and above the United States – reflects his true loyalties. He continues to side with our enemies in ways that continue to stun and frighten Americans. How long can such open acts of hostility towards its own people be tolerated? What remedy do the American people have when a government turns on its citizens as ours has today? These are questions that I could have never imagined that I would be asking.

It is time for Arizona to rely on its own resources to protect its sovereignty from the enemies that are threatening its survival. It is time for Arizona to call on its national guard troops to secure and defend its southern border. There is a reason our constitution allows for state militias, not controlled by the federal government, and there has never been a more appropriate time to rely on those forces. These are forces that president Obama cannot command, as they take their direction from their president – the Governor of the State of Arizona.

Our founding fathers had a thorough understanding of human nature and tyranny. They were brilliant in their attempts to create a nation that balanced power between the states and federal government. This is why. Our government has failed its people, leaving them to defend themselves against an invading enemy that has not and will not respect its laws and people. A military response is the only response that can even begin to bring this outrageous situation under control. Since our federal government has abdicated its responsibilities to fight this fight, the state of Arizona must answer the call to protect its citizens. There is no room for compromise; too many innocent people are dying. A state is being overrun. The time has come for action.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thank You Congressman Joe Barton

Congressman Joe Barton echoes my sentiments to the outrageous behavior on display yet again by the Obama administration and his band of thugs. This action by our government is embarrassing, despicable and unprecedented. There are no checks and balances. There is no rule of law, it is just do as they say or they will bring the full force of the United States government down on you.

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I am tired of the demonization of BP. They are not evil, they followed rules set down by the very government that is now hell bent on destroying them. This is an ugly display of phony outrage for political an ideological gain.

The Obama administration is using the oil spill as an excuse to further destroy capitalism and the profit motive. This is their way, constantly advancing there radical agenda. If the US government had full control over all oil assets and drilling processes in the United States would this accident have been averted? Is the government going to somehow suspend all laws of nature and reality by their presence? Do they have some magical formula that allows for anything under their control to turn out better than otherwise? Of course not! THIS IS ABSURD THINKING!

Stop buying in to the demonization of capitalism. Government can do absolutely no better than private companies. They are selling an illusion. I hear everyone railing against BP in lock-step with Obama, behaving exactly as he would hope so they can exert their radical political will over you.

Life involves risk and sometimes bad things happen. Our best is determined not by the bad that happens to us in life, but by how we respond to it. The reaction to this oil spill has been horrific, showing the worst of us, not the best. Obama failed to act decisively for reasons very few of us will ever know. Maybe it was politically motivated, maybe he's just incompetent, I don't know. But I do know that there were tremendous resources available to attack most if not all of the oil as it drifted towards the gulf shoreline. And what did we see? Next to nothing! Why?

Why was the Jones act not suspended to allow foreign vessels to assist in cleaning up the oil before it reached the shore? Two words - big labor. Why did the Obama administration drag their feet in approving Governor Jindal's requests to construct barriers? Why did we have to watch day after day as nothing happened and the oil edged closer and closer to shore? I suspect it was at least in part calculated to achieve political gain. Oil soaked beaches could help pass cap-n-tax and put the death nail in the oil industry here in America, something liberals would celebrate regardless of economic or personal impact to Americans. As Rosie O'Donnell said last week, "seize their assets now!"

The BP spill is not the scandal, the lack of response is the scandal. But the media will do nothing to address the truth of this. It is all about BP, all day every day.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

House Rep. Steve King Attacked by Media For Comments on New AZ Law

The article below is another example of the bias media attempting to take perfectly logical comments and twisting them into propaganda. I read this article and agree with everything that Rep. King says. Yet, the way the article reads it is designed to discredit him.

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Here are a couple of comments in the article aimed at manipulting opinion in order to discredit the new law and Rep. King. My translation is in blue:

"because even the state’s governor, Jan Brewer, admitted she didn’t know what an illegal immigrant 'looked like'.” This is an attempt to discredit the immigration law by somehow saying that even the Governor that created the law doesn't know how to enforce it. I recall this comment and the context it was used in was to explain how preposterous it is to attempt to use only race to profile, as the opponents claim the new law will allow. Yet, here the subtle twist is to use it to discredit both the law and Governor Brewer.

"King was already in trouble with some Tea Party groups for saying that President Obama 'has a default mechanism in him that breaks down the side of race, on the side that favors the black person',” "Some" Tea Party groups? I would like to see the breakdown on this one. The Tea Party groups come from a wide swath of American views. However, I would be shocked if the Tea Party groups referred to were anything more than an isolated case that the writer of this article is now using to paint the entire Tea Party with. The intent here is to discredit Rep King by saying that even the Tea Party movement is rejecting him. I doubt it. Again, manipulation and propaganda, all day every day. It is what they do.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

John Kerry Cap-n-Trade Comments Dissected

Below is a statement released by Senator John Kerry regarding the need to pass their phony Cap-n-tax, job killing, economy destroying, multi-trillion dollar boondoggle of a bill under the guise as a valid and necessary response to the BP oil spill. I have reprinted and added my comments parenthetically in blue. Nearly the entire comment is pure propaganda:

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The tragedy in the Gulf underscores why we need to change America’s energy future – today. (no change needed, continue to take every precaution to protect the environment and learn how to respond better knowing that part of life includes accidents. Knowing this we also know that we cannot prevent them entirely but we can minimize the damage and perfect our response, neither of which have occurred during this spill). We can’t afford to wait. Transitioning to new energy sources will jumpstart our economy (bloviating, how on earth will abandoning current energy technology possibly help improve our economy? It in fact will do the exact opposite!), safeguard our national security (another falsehood, the argument that we send billions to enemies sounds good on the surface but suppose we do not send them another dime, will we notice an increase in security? Will it somehow magically reduce their desire to slaughter us? I don't think so...stop lying Senator Kerry!), and protect our environment. (our track record has gotten better and better, not because we are drilling less or abandoning current energy sources but because we are constantly improving technology and are and have always been committed to protecting the environment. So, more lies). We can reclaim our leadership of the global green economy (reclaim? when did we lose it? Who is the current leader? Is anyone even keeping track of this, is it possible to measure? More propaganda), and stop sending a billion dollars a day overseas for our oil while we’re at it. (okay, an actual valid point. It would be nice to stop sending billions overseas, so what we should be doing is drilling right here at home, right now, everywhere. We could stimulate our economy overnight by investing these billions into current energy sources currently out of reach due to radical environmentalists, their well funded lawyers and sympathetic liberal law makers).

This is a typical liberal comment, full of lies and distortions aimed at manipulating your view of reality so that they can execute their radical agenda with your support. Do not fall for this tactic. Dissect what they say and look for the lies and manipulations, they are ever present.

Monday, June 14, 2010

MSNBC's Version of Gore Divorce

UPDATE -6/24/10:
This just keeps getting better. However, this story is less about the actual details of the Gore's marriage and more about the blatant media cover up and lies.

Click here for article-Gore a "sex-crazed" poodle
Click here for article-Gore accused of sexual harassment, press buries story

Political hacks like Al Gore will come and go, a corrupt media will facilitate the destruction of our country and culture by lying about what is happening and attempting to manipulate a lesser informed citizenry toward a direction that serves their political and social agenda. Unchecked power, political or corporate, will eventually destroy this country. It is the media's responsibility to inform this countries citizens of what is happening so that we can make informed decisions based on facts. What is happening everyday in the press is pure madness.

Truth: Al Gor is a pathetic weasel that probably cheated on is wife on more than one occassion, possibly leading to the eventual divorce.

Media reported Fiction: The Gore's were the model marriage, peacefully deciding to divorce after a picture perfect 40 year marriage.

Again, imagine if we were talking about a Republican. It is a 180 degree completely different story.

UPDATE - 6/16/10:
The media is out to discredit Star Magazine for their reporting of the Al Gore affair, exactly as they did to the National Enquirer when the John Edwards affair broke. We may never know the full truth, but the media reaction to protect Al Gore, and discredit Star Magazine is completely predictable. Again, if we were talking about a conservative the reaction would be the complete opposite.

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UPDATE - 6/15/10:
Star Magazine has released details about an affair between Al Gore and Inconvenient Truth producer Laurie David. As I explain in the original article below, you would not have heard about this from any of the mainstream media sources. Similar to the John Edwards affair, it took the National Enquirer to break the story, and then a considerable amount of time after that the mainstream, pathetic, so-called media begrudgingly began to cover the details of the affair. It is a pathetic day in American free press journalism when the National Enquirer and Star Magazine are now more credible sources of actual news than the mainstream media. No disrespect intended to those publications.

Click here for Star details

Compare this with the joke of a story originaly published by the mainstream media, linked below.

I guess this is what you would call a “puff piece”. The darling of the global warming charade – Al – and his beloved wife of 40 years divorcing peaceably. Wow, has that ever happened before? I mean, if you love someone so much it doesn’t make a lot of sense to divorce. The very nature of divorce is difficult and sometimes messy. But no, not for this wonderful couple, the picture of what a relationship should look like.

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We will probably never know the true details that eventually drove them apart, the media will protect them at all costs. Not that we should, but once again, compare this to how the article would read if it were a prominent conservative that had announced divorce. The media would report it as follows: There would be speculation, signs of trouble and a long history of all the things that might possibly have contributed to the eventual divorce. They would discuss all of these “possibilities” to such an extent that it would become reality. Another Alinsky rule, tell a lie long enough and it becomes reality.

Of course, none of it actual facts, all merely speculation. But that is what media looks like these days. When they are talking about a liberal all speculation and negativity is erased and glossed over and the story is spun nicely to protect the liberal subject. When they are talking about a conservative it is all speculation, lies, deception and half truths twisted into an ugly story to make you not like them. Subtle yet overwhelmingly effective. This is disgusting so-called “journalism.”

Media Misrepresents Israeli Flotilla Raid

Once again the liberal media has declared who the tyrant is and who the victims are, and it is all the usual suspects.

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How about we title the article “Israeli’s attacked mercilessly while trying to enforce munitions blockade.” Now that is closer to the truth. The perpetrators the world should be condemning are those behind the stunt, carried out by all those on the flotilla and those who organized and backed the charade. Yet, that is ignored by the media and the propaganda media report it exactly as the enemies of Israel and the United States wanted, that they are the victims and the Israeli’s are the oppressors.

Instead of showing a picture of an anti-Israel demonstrator being dragged away, why not post a picture of an Israeli soldier being beaten senseless with a metal pipe. Let the world see that, for that is the act of aggression that created the bloodshed, not the Israeli's boarding the boat. The Israeli’s boarded that vessel with no intent to harm or injure, bringing only paint-ball guns for crowd control if they felt threatened. Since when are paint-ball guns the weapon of choice for savages hell bent on ruthless destruction born out of hatred and religious fanaticism. Oh, that’s right, it is not the Israeli’s that are the savages hell bent on ruthless destruction born out of hatred and religious fanaticism.

All you have to do is look at the brief video shot by the Israeli’s, it is clear who the aggressors where. It is clear how the angry mob on the flotilla brutally beat the soldiers mercilessly with steel pipes, tossing them overboard to drown, showing what savages they are.

Do your homework people, this is just another in a long line of publicity stunts to win the hearts and minds of public opinion. It continues to work as long as we have a complicit media. As someone once said, “if the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more violence, if the Jews put down their weapons today, there would be no more Israel.” Yes, it is that simple.