Tuesday, May 11, 2010

One Nation Under God...

The disturbing videos below illustrate how far America has drifted from its core principle of One Nation, Under God, Indivisible...In grade school I learned about assimilation, not about demanding respect based on the heritage of my forefathers. When they came to this country they understood that part of the deal was to embrace America and its values, to become American. American is a nationality, not just a place.

VIDEO: Mexican students demand respect for their country and their flag in America

VIDEO: Mexican teacher calls for Revolt in America

30 years of multi-culturalism and diversity ideolgy unleashed on our public education system have helped create the environment that makes this video possible. These immigrants have been taught to come to America, but to embrace their nation of origin and demand respect for that over and above their allegience to America and its flag. They have missed the fundamental premise underlying the dream of coming to America.

We have become and continue to become "balkanized". Multi-culturalism is breaking down the common bonds of culture that have held this young country together for the last 200+ years. These divisions, promoted and idealized by the left, will lead to incredible conflict in the end. How long it will take to arrive at that point is anyone's guess. But for those in these videos it probably can't come soon enough for it seems that the death of America is their primary goal.

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