Wednesday, May 19, 2010

As I Have Been Saying ...

The article below explains exactly what I have been writing about here on this blog. Uninformed Americans have been fed outright lies for decades, aimed to a destructive end for the sole purpose of destroying the America that I hold near and dear in my heart. Here is a prominent Democrat laying out in black and white for all to read the underlying purpose behind the actions that have distorted history and modern day America to entire generations. 

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Wake up America, you are in a fierce battle that will determine the fate of America. This is not propaganda, it is fact, it is happening right under your nose and on purpose, knowing you would not be paying attention, knowing that you couldn't possibly grasp the ultimate evil that they are perpetrating to this country, knowing that you are not prepared to fight back.

Well, hopefully that is changing, articles like this, radicals like him and Obama and all of the radicals he has surrounded himself with and associated with throughout his entire life are now coming to light for the real America to see and decide for ourselves what we are going to do about it. My guess is that our fight has just begun and in the end we will win. Thankfully just at the time in history when we are needed most. Left unchecked much longer they might successfully transform this country into something twisted and ugly, unrecognizeable to those of us that still understand what America really is.

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