Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Liberal Encroachment Headed Towards You

As I have warned in previous posts, if more people don't get involved and become more vocal, helping to turn the tide of the radical liberal progressivism that is swallowing our country, our culture and erasing our history, they will eventually be knocking at your door. Below is an article indicating just that.

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They want access to your kids, to their developing minds so they can indoctrinate them into the poisenous
liberal ideology that permeates nearly every aspect of the secular world. There is no room for exceptions in their world view, they want everyone to see things thier way so that all dissent can eventually be silenced.

This is not something to fear out into the future sometime, some Orwellian possibility. No, this is happening right now. Home schooled children are targets of the liberal education and social welfare establishment. They seem to believe that they know best what your kids need to learn and that you are not capable of providing them the same quality education our public education system offers. They actually have no real concern for your children's education. This is all about indoctrination and control.

If you think this sort of thinking only exists in countries like North Korea or Mao'ist Red China, think again. Liberals are masters at masking their true intentions. They know we are too advanced to be fooled openly, it must be done stealth mode. Their intentions lay just beneath the surface of nearly all they control or have access to. Public education = liberal indoctrination, entertainment industry = liberal indoctrination, media = liberal indoctrination, all access all the time that is what they are after. It is no accident or natural phenomenon that has landed them in a position to have such overwhelming influence over our children, our culture and our history. They have been at this for awhile now and it is getting harder and harder to hide from plain view. Their true intentions are becoming too obvious to hide any longer and thankfully that may be helping to open people's eyes and move them to action.

So, be forewarned...again. They are coming. What are you going to do about it?

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