Thursday, April 22, 2010

Former ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis Fearmongering and Inciting Violence

The left is at it again, or should I say they never let up. Day in and day out it is attack after attack. I'm reeling to keep track of the number of far-left radicals hacking away at the right, conservative people, their values and their charachter on a daily basis. It's the President himself dismissing the Tea Party's as humorous and that they should be thanking him. Then it's guests on Chris Mathews Sunday morning news show reading their definition of sedition and accusing Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. And on and on.

Now this gem comes out from former head of ACORN Bertha Lewis. I don't know whether to be shocked by this or shocked by the fact that I am shocked by this.

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They are further defining the battle with each passing day, and that is not necessarily a bad thing. They appear to be comfortable discussing their position on Socialism out in the open now. At least we have come that far, they are usually reluctant to admit their true agenda for fear it would never be accepted in mainstream America. But they have been embolded by Obama, he stands as their Savior from the clutches of evil and oppressive Capitalism that keep the poor and minority classes powerless and weak.

They are now free to tell us who they really are - Socialists. But Bertha goes on a tirade of demonization of the Tea Party activists that crosses over into the realm of fiction. The folks she is talking to seem to be buying in to this charicaturized version of what a TEA Party person is. Apparantly we are very mean and we are specifically targeting blacks and I would surmise other minorities as well. And we are going to what, round them up and lock them away. What exactly is she accusing us of here?

They are following their script perfectly, that is what has made them so affective over the last 100 years. They are writing such an outlandish narrative about the TEA Partiers and portraying them as evil WHITE people that want to do harm to minorities. They speak these messages over and over, at rallies, at meetings, any chance they are in a group of their constituents. They drill their message in and those poor folks don't know any better so they lap it up without any question or hesitation. They get riled up and it only further fuels their already unfounded hatred of whitey for all the bad things he's done.

Make no mistake about it here folks, this is a problem. Minorities have been preyed on for decades about how much white men hate them, about how much white people have what they will never have because they aren't about to share. They have been so deeply indoctrinated into their own culture of hatred and racism against whites that I don't see how this will ever be resolved peacefully. They stand back and constantly keep the pressure on them, pushing and pushing them to feel their hatred and resentment for all that white America has taken from them, what should be theirs. This is class and race warfare that has been unleashed on this country in the name of equality and fairness, and it has been going on for decades.

As a country I would say we blew right past equality and are now in what I would call "preferance" mode. Equality is not enough, they are now demanding preference. As in I believe it was Henry Waxman shortly after the stimulus was passed last year in a congressional hearing saying that he didn't want these jobs going to educated white folks or to white construction workers, not that he had anything against them, he wanted them to go to the preferred class or race, blacks and maybe hispanics too - he didn't elaborate that point. But he did make it very clear, if you were white you were not the preferred choice. They no longer wish to see even numbers of whites and blacks, no they want preferential status. As for the impact of that on white America, do you think they have any concern or sympathy for that. Hell no.

So, wake up America, Tea Partiers, regular middle-America folks and yes all you conservative white folks out there, battle lines are being drawn as we speak. There will be very angry blacks in your faces at future rallies if these types of speeches continue and they will be looking at you as though you are the main source of all of their problems. They will be worried that you are going to round them up and put them in internment camps, make them sit at the back of the bus or any number of other ludicrous things that are not part of any sane persons reality but being propegated by one of ACORNS primary agitators.

Be prepared for a fight but do not allow them to drag you down into the mud. They are the thugs, the union cronies, the urban riff raff brought in to intimidate and scare you into hiding. Don't let it, don't engage them in their violent thuggish ways. Stand strong and hold your ground, profess the values of the TEA Party movement and let them know that there is room for all Americans in the TEA Party. We would be happy to show them the real America that the left is hiding from us while they crush it into oblivion to make room for their Big Government Welfare State Utopia - or Socialism as seems to be the most common description for it.

Whatever it is they are hell-bent creating as we speak, we Americans know what America is supposed to look like and we will not let them destroy that. They are making great progress right now, and we are limited by the election cycle, but we are here and we will be heard at the ballot box. We will find the Anti-Obama for 2012 and we will work tirelessly to reverse ALL of his radical agenda that he has crammed down our throats. They will not get away with this.

As for Bertha Lewis, she is one of thousands of angry liberals using every Alinsky trick in the book to stir up as much race and class division as possible to ensure their strategy is maintained. For liberals to have any success blacks must never learn how much opportunity they truly have, they must keep listening to all the Democrats that supposedly want to "help" them. Those that have woken up from that liberal trance feel right at home over here with us on the right, for we are all American.

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