Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Racists, Racists, Racists!

I ran across this website today and am once again reminded that the left is winning. They are organized, they are mobilized and they are making a difference.

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Most of the Americans that are vehemently against Obama, his band of thugs and his radical agenda are just everyday Americans. We are not political operatives, we are not busy tracking everything that liberals do and then lashing out at anyone that disagrees with us, we are simply people that have had enough of the liberal agenda and want it to change. Oh, yes and we are not RACISTS!

But, where to start? How can we stop these monsters from attacking at Glenn Beck's message day in and day out. Look at the list of companies that has caved in to thier threats and complaints, it is staggering. How am I as one American supposed to fight back at this onslaught of attacks from the left. We all know that they are wrong, that they are the ones full of hatred and contempt, that they truly are the racists, not us.

Yet they rail on and on about what a racist Beck is for his comments about Obama being a racist. How does that make any sense? Two words prove what a racist Obama is - Jeramiah Wright. End of discussion. There is no argument to support Obama as anything but a racist. But we live in a world where magically the only people that can be accused of racism are conservative white people. That is absurd.

I have heard enough of the radical left rhetoric in the last week to last a lifetime. It is all about racism. They are in full attack mode destroying the character of ALL of conservative white America. That is pure evil. To be white is to be racist. To be in a group of all or predominantely white Americans is to be racist, to disagree with Obama and his thugs is to be racist, to not want healthcare - or anything else for that matter - crammed down our throats is to be racist. Racist, racist, racist, that is all you and me are. That is all they have.

They lose on message, they lose on substance, they lose on every thing that matters to this country. So, this is who they are and how they operate, attack and destroy the character of the enemy. That is their special gift to the discussion and what they are best at doing. Watch the news, racists, racists, racists. Listen to the Democrats debate the issues, racists, racists, racists. Really? Give me a break.

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