Friday, March 12, 2010

One Nation Under God?

The article below poses a good question: “Could this be the last Christian generation”?

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The answer is no doubt yes, it very well could be. The ideological war has taken its toll on our culture, and I am saddened to say that I believe the godless liberal establishment is winning. They are not just winning and it is close, no, they are winning and it is a blowout. Their liberal incrementalism has slowly chipped away at the
once strong pillars of our culture. Pillars of God, traditional values, integrity and accountability. These pillars have been replaced with a godless ideology of self-indulgence and moral relativism.

It is no accident that our “One Nation Under God” has been under assault for the past century. The liberal idealists understood that it would be impossible to control a society that drew its strength from a greater power than man. They understood that God had to be rooted out of our culture, of our conscience.

And so it began, more than a hundred years ago. However, the 60’s will undoubtedly be looked back in history as the great turning point of this culture. They were the counter-culture, they had been told their entire lives growing up in the 50’s that they were special, they were the most important thing, that they would not have to endure the types of difficulties and hardships, depression and world wars that their parents and grandparents generation had endured. This is perhaps the first generation of Americans that were truly “spoiled” and grew up with a distorted sense of themselves, of reality, the world and their place in it.

As college students they had the answers that for some reason every generation before them could not find. They were idealists and began a relentless attack on everything that represented the “establishment”. They rebelled against all authority and rejected all that had come before them. They were ripe for the picking so to speak of the liberal fascists that had been laying the groundwork in our culture. They embraced marxism and radical ideologies contrary to American history and anything that represented the traditional culture their parents represented. They bought into the radical left ideology of the evil America, the racist, greedy capitalist empire. They have infiltrated every medium of American culture and spread their godless ideology for the last 40+ years.

So, here we are, at a crossroads in history. Today we find an entire generation of Americans has been raised on this radical ideology. They don’t have a problem with Socialism, they see America as a racist nation, founded and created off the blood, sweat and tears of slaves. They see sexism, racism, homophobia as institutionalized problems that can only be fixed through a complete transformation of our culture and way of life.

We have in fact become a largely “Godless” culture. Mainstream American culture is no longer about traditional values, family, doing right by others, honesty and community. Mainstream American culture is now MTV, ABC Family Channel, if it feels good do it, etc. We are accused of “hate speech” and being divisive if we stand up for the rights of the unborn. We are homophobes if we are not on board with gay marriage, and we are just plain racist and sexist if we believe in capitalism.

The mainstream, traditional values of the pre 60’s have become the counter-culture. God, traditional values, abstinence and other such “norms” are now the fringe of our society, and being further eroded on a daily basis.

Here is my primary criticism of all those who still believe in those values, who still go to church and are fighting to raise their children with the values passed down to us by God. I have known too many people whose reaction to this new reality is to further separate their children and their family from this now mainstream corrupt culture. Moving to small towns, only associating with members of the church and keeping their children out of the public education system through home schooling. This is a very self serving solution. It feels like the right thing, to protect those you love from this outside evil that is consuming our culture.

To all those who have chosen this path, I have only one thing to say to you: eventually the very monsters you are protecting your family from will be knocking at your door. You cannot escape it by turning away from it. That is what they want, they want you to slip quietly into the creases of society so they can have full control. Your actions are facilitating their march toward Socialism. Did our founding fathers detach from their culture? Did they rationalize that it was okay as long as they and their loved ones were safe? Did they turn their backs on those who spoke out and fought back for their freedom and their rights? No, and neither should you.

The Bible says that you are to be “in the world, but not of the world”. To escape to the safety of our church communities and home schools is to turn this once great country over to the very monsters that our founding fathers fought so hard to protect us from. They created a government that gave its citizens all of the tools they need to keep the hungry beasts at bay, to stave off the natural forces of evil that possess men’s souls and push them to destroy in the name of being helpful. It’s for your own good they say, just trust them.

You can no longer justify keeping to yourself if you expect America to be a place that you want your children to inherit. You must get involved now. You must stand up and begin to push back, to stop their hundred year march towards Socialism. You have been asleep at the wheel and thought things were not that bad. Well, they are that bad and we are losing precious time hoping something or someone will come along and fix this. You are the something’s or someone’s, this cannot be undone by a single person. This will not be fixed by the next Republican President. This has been a long and steady march and we must now begin our long and steady march back towards the values that this country was founded upon.

They will yell and scream, threaten and berate, ridicule and deny everything. Honesty is not in their DNA, only victory and power. But we must begin the march, through the public education system that they have destroyed and now use to indoctrinate our children into their radical ideologies, through the entertainment industry that is now dominated by radicals like Sean Penn who praise Hugo Chavez and denounce George W. Bush, through our news media that look into the cameras every night and swear that they are telling us the truth when it is nothing more then left wing propaganda, designed to further erode our safety and security as a nation.

We must march through the universities from coast to coast, challenging every fascist, every marxist, every radical that spews their anti-American, anti-white, anti-capitalist venom onto or children. This is how it will change, nothing less. We must become citizens of America again, not just citizens of our communities. We must plant ourselves in the middle of the meetings, conferences, school rooms and hallways and speak our truth. We must turn every Alinsky rule they have used against us against them and attack with relentless dedication to our cause. We are on the right side of America and on the right side of history, but future generations will never know this if we don’t fight back now.

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