Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Obamanomics 101

While many of us have watched the unfolding of the Obama nightmare with open eyes to his intentions, still there are many who simply refuse or for other reasons will not believe that he has such radical intentions. I can only hope that Sunday's vote, on top of the staggering spending of his administration and his bullying tactics that ignore the will of the American people will help to awaken even the most deeply disengaged Americans.

Take a few minutes to view the videos at the links below for a brief summation of his agenda. Rather well put I might add. This is real, and it's not going away for AT LEAST nearly 3 years. The more we realize and
come to terms with what is happening, all the better to begin the hard work of reclaiming what he has destroyed and is plotting to destroy right now.

Obamanomics: Part 1

Obamanomics: Part 2

This brief summation really only scratches the surface of what they are doing, but hopefully for those in denial it will at least raise questions that you will want answered. The answers are there, you need only be willing to look at the reality of where we are rather than continue to buy into the false story being sold by virtually every element of our culture and society. You have been asleep, please wake up and get involved.

The Republican Party has been asleep as well. They have been acting as though we are all on the same team but just have a few minor differences. NO, the Republican Party needs to be held accountable and they need to understand the battle we are in. No more attempts to compromise, no more "reaching across the aisle", nothing. Divide and conquer is our only hope, ALL Democrats must be attacked relentlessly for the far left radical ideology that they are all in lock-step support of. This is political warfare, nothing less. If you love your country, then you will get involved and help become part of the solution.

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