Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Obama Makes Demands of Israel, Appeases Iran

President Obama continues to show his true colors to all the world today. His strong rhetoric denouncing Israel for their expansion of Jewish settlements in the disputed area of Jerusalem is just another example of his disdain for Israel. Yet, wasn't it not too long ago he was shaking hands with Hugo Chavez and bowing down to the Saudi King? For all his so-called tough talk on Iran he has done absolutely nothing to confront their obvious-to-the-world plans to acquire nuclear weapons.

He is even being criticized as weak by French PM Sarkozy for God's sake! How bad does it have to get before he wakes up and learns how to deal with our allies and enemies around the world? His efforts to
 appease our enemies have made us look weak and his bullying of our allies will continue to erode our relationship with them. Has he no clue?

The problem is yes, he does have a clue. He knows exactly what he is doing. He is attempting to re-align our strategic relationships around the world. He knows that Iran will not budge as long as we continue to cozy up with Israel. He is all too willing to damage that relationship in order to establish a new world order that places the United States in closer partnership with Arab nations than with our long time historic European allies like France, Brittian and of course Israel.

Again, Obama is on the wrong side of history on this one. He is attempting to align the US with the forces of evil and tyranny, of dictators and forces of social oppression around the world. America has always stood on the side of freedom and democracy. We have always aligned ourselves around the world with peaceful and democratic countries. We are the promoters of freedom, the shining city on the hill that the rest of the world turns to for hope. The hope to one day be free.

In the face of confrontation with Russia, George W. Bush did not flinch in his immediate support of Georgia as they attempted to establish democracy. Ronald Reagan went to war with Socialist dictators in South America in an attempt to promote freedom and democracy in the region. He was very aware of one simple fact: Freedom and democracy is either advancing or retreating around the world. In its place their is only tyranny, socialism, dictatorships.

Take a look around the last 20 years, how has freedom and democracy fared around the world? Is it on the march, or in retreat? I am sorry to say that we are losing ground. The forces of evil and tyranny are advancing, around the world and here at home. It is up to those of us in America, politicians and citizens to speak loudly and clearly in defense of freedom.

We must reclaim the mantle and once again begin to pass the torch to other fledgling democracies as they look to us for help and guidance. We must elevate our voices beyond the screaching we hear daily of the radical liberals who are doing everything in their power to advance socialism in this country. Only when we have achieved advantage on that front here at home will the rest of the world once again begin to hear our voices and look to us for support and help as they aspire to achieve the freedoms that we take for granted.

We can only hope that the damage Obama does over the next almost 3 years is not permanent. Have no doubt, internationally he will continue to court the socialist/marxist dictators around the world and snub our historic allies. He will continue to pursue his radical socialist agenda here at home as well. If we are not diligent, if we do not fight back with all our might, we might wake up 3 years from now in a world we hardly recognize.

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