Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Left Loves to Fuel Racial Hatred

Wow, take a look at the video below, the left is at it again. The hypocrisy of their message is staggering. They claim to stand for "social justice" and "equality" for ALL, yet they continuously pit class against class, race against race in an attempt to divide and conquer. When will those buying this dribble wake up and see it for what it is.

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Do you really believe John Boehner, or any white conservative for that matter is the racist that the left constantly screams about. I mean, just watch MSNBC for about 3 minutes on any programming hour and you will see it. Think about it, most of us were raised under the credo of MLK to judge a man by the content
of his character not the color of his skin. Unfortunately the left has no intention of recognizing that fact, that reality. Yes, in reality, where non-liberals live, we are not a bunch of racists just because we have conservative values; we actually believed the MLK mantra and had little trouble with it until Obama got in front of the microphone.

Now the racial rhetoric is unfathomable for those of us that actually believed that the goal was "equality". Now we have come to realize that it is not about equality, it is about "preference" and "justice". Whites are the new oppressed class, getting passed up for the preference of minorities in order to level some perceived social injustice. This is madness. We have sat and watched all to painfully as the left continues its relentless assault on the character of the right, of conservatism and traditional values in this country. And race is one of their favorite weapons.

Liberals that believe this rhetoric are being duped, and unfortunately most of the duped are the 20 something’s that simply just don't know any better. They have been indoctrinated from birth into this radical new world view of the left and they think it is reality. This video is just another small example. Watch as the Hollywood elites line up to support the oppressed minorities and attack the white guy conservative to paint him as a racist.

This is despicable "programming" that will continue as long as the "useful idiots" who buy this false reality continue to line up and applaud for more of the same.

But, as I have said in previous posts, we are in a battle, not a debate and the left has pulled out all the stops and are winning the war at every turn.

Warfare 101: Demonize your enemy
Ok, that one is easy. Take a look around, and at this video. It is masterful, they have been masterful at demonizing the enemy. It is essential in order to perpetrate the horrendous behavior they heap upon anything to the right or conservative daily. If you don't like conservatives it is easy to watch them get ridiculed and have their character attacked daily. It's that simple. they are beating the snot out of the right on this and have been for decades. Precisely because the right does not view this political and cultural process as a war. Well, wake up, the left does and they are destroying our American culture and way of life.

Warfare 101: Win of the hearts and minds of the people
Ok, any questions here? Another easy one. The left OWNS the message. It is in the news media, the entertainment industry, public schools and colleges around the country. They knew this battle could be won without firing a single shot if they won the hearts and minds of the citizenry. Check and mate.

Warfare 101: Divide and Conquer
Again, another obvious win for the left. This video is just another example of constant attacks pitting one group of people against another. Rich against poor, white against black, Wall Street against Main Street, illegal hispanic immigrants against white American citizens, those with healthcare against those without healthcare, and on and on. They never met a group or class of people that they didn't want to pit against their opponents to the right. They fuel class hatred and have created an entire culture of dependancy and victimhood. It is a sad commentary, they do not want to lift the poor out of poverty, no, they want a permanent dependant class and that is exactly what they have achieved.

Think about it, they have been supposedly "improving" the lives of the poor for decades, yet, welfare rolls are bigger than ever and the welfare culture EXPECTS and feels ENTITLED to something for doing absolutely nothing. The left needs this in order to fuel their hatred for those that have all the money and are keeping them from what they are entitled to. Sound familiar? It is truely despicable and downright sinister. Wake up! they don't care about you! They want your vote, period! That is truth, that is reality and they have spun a clever web of lies that frame your reality.

Heard enough? I hope so. Sun Zue and “The Art of War”, these are the tactics, along with Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals,” they have been employing for decades and many Americans are now beginning to wake up and see it for what it is. Hopefully it is not too late.

Once these tactics are recognized for what they are, simply ways to destroy the opposition to ensure permanent rule, it is easier to “filter” information from all of the sources mentioned above in a way that brings reality into better focus. I know the process; I went through it about 8 or 9 years ago, from delusional liberal to wide awake conservative. I was duped! It was a lifetime of subtle messaging that goes way back to my childhood, so I know how powerful and effective the messaging is. I am so thankful that I have been awakened to see the left for what they really are. Now, my hope is that more Americans do the same. And that goes for all my liberal friends that are still drinking the kool-aid, buying in to all the lies.

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