Thursday, March 18, 2010

Congress/President - 'People Not Concerned With Process'

Liberals are masters at denying and masking their destructive and malicious behavior. They can pull off the most despicable acts and sum it up into one nice and clean talking point to excuse it away as mere frivolity, unimportant details that nobody cares about.

That is what they have been doing all week regarding their intention to use the reconciliation and 'deem and pass' process to cram their healthcare bill through Congress. They are snubbing their noses at the essential rules in place that help us to maintain democracy. They are trying to pull a Chavez-like move on the
American people and are shrugging it off like it's nothing. They have come out - en masse - and with a straight face saying that the American people aren't concerned with the process that might result in the single most significant piece of legislation in our generation. They understand human behavior and know that if they can "normalize" their actions, people not paying much attention will swallow their talking points whole. They count on this and have been using it to dupe Americans for decades.

When will the rest of America realize how dishonest they are. They are trying to undermine our American democratic process to cram this disgusting healthcare bill down our throats and then look us straight in the eyes and say that this most important part - the process - is not important. If it is not important, well, then we are one step away from lawlessness. We are a nation of laws, not a nation of men, isn't that how it goes? Right now Obama and his thugs are acting like a nation of men, imposing their will onto an entire nation without their consent or support. The radical left is in charge and they are marching as fast and furious as they can to transform this country to better serve their radical agenda.

If process doesn't matter, then why so much fuss about Gitmo detainees and their rights to fair trials? It seems on that issue it is all about the process. So what is the difference? Why does process matter on that issue but not on healthcare? I think we all know the answer to this. They are lying. The end justifies the means, more Alinsky tactics. They know they are incredibly close to forcing a destructive wedge into our American culture that once established we will never be able to un-do.

They know this is their path to socialism, to "social justice" and wealth redistribution. This single act of judicial malpractice will fundamentally force the transformation of America in a way that furthers their radical agenda. The healthcare battle is a battle for the heart and soul of America, nothing less. That is why it is so contentious. They know what is at stake. This is not about healthcare, this is about the transformation of America to better reflect their radical ideology. It is now or never for them, all the cards are on the table and they will stop at nothing to push this country across the line of socialized medicine. They have been hoping for a moment like this to come along for over 75 years, so it is no wonder they are willing to use every trick in the books to get this through.

This is a disastrous moment in American history. A moment brought on by a lack of political awareness, something our founders warned us of. A moment brought to us by the MTV generation and ill-informed moderates that do not understand the true nature of the left, of evil. Many are waking up to it and seeing their error, but it is too late. We will be forced to live with the consequences of the actions of the tyrannical minority possibly for generations. We fell asleep at the wheel and turned the store over to the thiefs and they are wasting no time doing exactly what those of us paying attention knew they would do.

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