Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Liberal Protestors Expose Their Own Hypocrisy

As Ann coulter once wisely said, "if you want to know what a liberal is up to, just listen to what they are accusing you of."

Here is what liberal protestors look like, not Tea Party protestors:

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If there is any hate speech going on in this country, it is from the left. If there is any racism going on in this

Racists, Racists, Racists!

I ran across this website today and am once again reminded that the left is winning. They are organized, they are mobilized and they are making a difference.

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Most of the Americans that are vehemently against Obama, his band of thugs and his radical agenda are just everyday Americans. We are not political operatives, we are not busy tracking everything that liberals do and then lashing out at anyone that disagrees with us, we are simply people that have had enough of the liberal agenda and want it to change. Oh, yes and we are not RACISTS!

But, where to start? How can we stop these monsters from attacking at Glenn Beck's message day in and day out. Look at the list of companies that has caved in to thier threats and complaints, it is staggering. How am I as one American supposed to fight back at this onslaught of attacks from the left. We all know that they are wrong, that they are the ones full of hatred and contempt, that they truly are the racists, not us.

Yet they rail on and on about what a racist Beck is for his comments about Obama being a racist. How does that make any sense? Two words prove what a racist Obama is - Jeramiah Wright. End of discussion. There is no argument to support Obama as anything but a racist. But we live in a world where magically the only people that can be accused of racism are conservative white people. That is absurd.

I have heard enough of the radical left rhetoric in the last week to last a lifetime. It is all about racism. They are in full attack mode destroying the character of ALL of conservative white America. That is pure evil. To be white is to be racist. To be in a group of all or predominantely white Americans is to be racist, to disagree with Obama and his thugs is to be racist, to not want healthcare - or anything else for that matter - crammed down our throats is to be racist. Racist, racist, racist, that is all you and me are. That is all they have.

They lose on message, they lose on substance, they lose on every thing that matters to this country. So, this is who they are and how they operate, attack and destroy the character of the enemy. That is their special gift to the discussion and what they are best at doing. Watch the news, racists, racists, racists. Listen to the Democrats debate the issues, racists, racists, racists. Really? Give me a break.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Healthcare Madness and Liberal Tyranny

We have witnessed a week that can only be described as mind bending. It seems the Democrat machine came out in full attack mode after their stunning display of partisan opposition to the will of the majority of Americans on Sunday with the passage of the monstrous healthcare bill. I personally sat through nearly 10 hours of video feed from the floor of the House on Sunday knowing full well that they would not have forced

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Left Loves to Fuel Racial Hatred

Wow, take a look at the video below, the left is at it again. The hypocrisy of their message is staggering. They claim to stand for "social justice" and "equality" for ALL, yet they continuously pit class against class, race against race in an attempt to divide and conquer. When will those buying this dribble wake up and see it for what it is.

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Do you really believe John Boehner, or any white conservative for that matter is the racist that the left constantly screams about. I mean, just watch MSNBC for about 3 minutes on any programming hour and you will see it. Think about it, most of us were raised under the credo of MLK to judge a man by the content

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Obamanomics 101

While many of us have watched the unfolding of the Obama nightmare with open eyes to his intentions, still there are many who simply refuse or for other reasons will not believe that he has such radical intentions. I can only hope that Sunday's vote, on top of the staggering spending of his administration and his bullying tactics that ignore the will of the American people will help to awaken even the most deeply disengaged Americans.

Take a few minutes to view the videos at the links below for a brief summation of his agenda. Rather well put I might add. This is real, and it's not going away for AT LEAST nearly 3 years. The more we realize and

America Voted For Socialism

In case any of us continue to have delusions about where we are right now and exactly who Obama is and what he is doing to this country, listen to the short video below as Al Sharpton comes straight out without blinking an eye and proclaims that the American people voted for socialism in the 2008 election.

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If there is still anyone out there that thinks conservatives are just being shrill, or it is the far right wack jobs screaming socialism just to scare people, PLEASE WAKE UP!! This is real, it is who Obama is, it is who he

Monday, March 22, 2010

Brave New World

Anbody that is suffering under the illusion that the democrats now or ever are or were interested in true bi-partisanship for the common good of all America needs to read the article attached to the link below. This is their message and it is no secret to those of us who have been paying attention all along.

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They have never been interested in anything that isn't strictly modeled after their radical progressive ideology. And they are not ashamed to admit that. So wise up Senator McCain, Senator Graham, your foolish butt

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Congress/President - 'People Not Concerned With Process'

Liberals are masters at denying and masking their destructive and malicious behavior. They can pull off the most despicable acts and sum it up into one nice and clean talking point to excuse it away as mere frivolity, unimportant details that nobody cares about.

That is what they have been doing all week regarding their intention to use the reconciliation and 'deem and pass' process to cram their healthcare bill through Congress. They are snubbing their noses at the essential rules in place that help us to maintain democracy. They are trying to pull a Chavez-like move on the

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Obama Makes Demands of Israel, Appeases Iran

President Obama continues to show his true colors to all the world today. His strong rhetoric denouncing Israel for their expansion of Jewish settlements in the disputed area of Jerusalem is just another example of his disdain for Israel. Yet, wasn't it not too long ago he was shaking hands with Hugo Chavez and bowing down to the Saudi King? For all his so-called tough talk on Iran he has done absolutely nothing to confront their obvious-to-the-world plans to acquire nuclear weapons.

He is even being criticized as weak by French PM Sarkozy for God's sake! How bad does it have to get before he wakes up and learns how to deal with our allies and enemies around the world? His efforts to

"The fact of the matter is"

"The fact of the matter is" - What a liberal says right before they tell a lie.

Friday, March 12, 2010

One Nation Under God?

The article below poses a good question: “Could this be the last Christian generation”?

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The answer is no doubt yes, it very well could be. The ideological war has taken its toll on our culture, and I am saddened to say that I believe the godless liberal establishment is winning. They are not just winning and it is close, no, they are winning and it is a blowout. Their liberal incrementalism has slowly chipped away at the

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Geert Wilders Responds to Criticism of Koran, Islam Comments

Geert Wilders of the UK is taking heat for his remarks about creating stricter rules regarding protecting his country’s culture.

You be the judge, listen for yourself:

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I listened to the entire video and I didn't hear anything that I would consider radical or extreme. He is fighting to preserve what is left of his culture. A culture that is being attacked from within. If what he says sounds extreme now, just wait 10 or 20 years and see what kinds of issues his country, the other European countries, as well as the US look like. We are not protecting our culture, we have thrown down the fence

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sean Penn And The Right To Crush Dissenting Opinions

Friday on the Bill Maher program Sean Penn commented that anybody who refers to Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez as a dictator should be put behind bars. Apparently, since he is convinced that Chavez is such a kind humanitarian and not a tyrannical thug, we should all agree with him or be subjected to imprisonment.

Does he know ANYTHING about the origins of America, the founding fathers, what they were escaping and what they were trying to build by creating the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence? Is he a complete historical dimwit? The founding fathers envisioned a country free from persecution simply for

Monday, March 8, 2010

Obama Attacks Big Insurance

Obama is in full campaign mode railing against the insurance industry. Alinsky tactics at their best.

The old Alinsky rule is what Obama is doing to the insurance industry today and has been doing his entire time in office. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it.” I spoke of this yesterday. Here it is again, a day later. It is a staple of the radical left. Demonize, demonize, demonize. Notice how often you hear a liberal attack the messenger and not so much the message. They lose on substance so must destroy the

Sunday, March 7, 2010

ABC News Links Pentagon Shooter to Tea Party Folks

I rarely watch mainstream news anymore, and was reminded why immediately after switching to ABC yesterday afternoon. In a clever little piece, they in their oh so subtle yet remarkebly affective way, linked the March 5th 2010 Pentagon shooter - John Patrick Bedell ( a registered Democrat), the airplane attack on the IRS building in Austing Texas by Joseph Stack and the Oklahoma City bomber - Timothy McVeigh to the Tea Partiers.

It is this type of clever "guilt by association" so-called "journalism" that should raise the ire of all Americans who want to hear the truth. The underlying motive is the continued marginalization of an entire segment of the American population that are demanding to be heard by our elected representatives. The overwhelming